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KM2600MTTS - Features

  • The adoption of a milling head with a built-in B axis (0.0001control) enables the operator to perform turning and milling works in perfect harmony.
  • The highly rigid Y-axis structure makes it possible to process diverse shapes.
  • Application of CAPTO C6 tool for high speed complex machining
  • The model features built-in main & sub-spindles with high output and high torque.

KM2600MTTS - Spezifikationen

Max. Drehdurchmesser mm 750
Max. Drehlänge mm 1,550
Spannfuttergröße inch Main 10″
Sub 10″
Spindeltyp - Built in
Spindeldrehzahl r/min 4,000
Spindelleistung kW 30
Spindeldrehmoment N.m 800/585
Führungstyp - LM
Anzahl Werkzeuge EA 2 x 12
Werkzeuggröße mm 25/40
Drehzahl Fräswerkzeug r/min 5,000
Verfahrweg(X1/Z1/Y/X2/Z2/ZB) mm 705/1,595/250/250/1,500/1,586
Schnellverfahrweg(X1/Z1/Y/X2/Z2/ZB) m/min 40/40/40/30/20/15

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