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XF8500 - Features

  • High-speed & High-precision 5-Axis Machining Center for medium- and large-sized product.
  • One piece column-bed structure through optimal structural analysis – Rigidity has improved by 130%
  • High quality machining by design methodology that minimize vibration and thermal displacement during travel
  • Linear and rotary scale are equipped as standard for the high quality of machining
  • Built-in spindle has applied for high-speed and -accuracy – Spindle displacement sensor applied as a standard
  • The DDM rotary table provides simultaneous 5-axis motion which allows for the machining of complex prismatic parts.

XF8500 - Spezifikationen

Tischgröße mm 850×400
Max. Belastbarkeit kg 1,000
Spindelantriebsmethode - Built in
Spindelkonus - HSK-A63
Spindeldrehzahl r/min 15,000
Spindelleistung kW 31/25
Spindeldrehmoment N.m 153/123
Verfahrweg(X/Y/Z) mm 850/920/600
Schnellvorschubrate(X/Y/Z) m/min 45/45/45
Führungstyp - ROLLER
Anzahl an Werkzeugen EA 34
Werkzeugwechselzeit(Chip To Chip) sec 6.8

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